What is Screwy Monkey?

What is Screwy Monkey?

We are an organization dedicated to the exploration, documentation, and preservation of human culture. We strive to explore the vast tapestry that is human kind and celebrate some of the more unusual manifestations of behavior. We believe that the nonconformity of human nature is ultimately what makes us a stronger species and will ensure the continuation of humanity into the future.


Why the name Screwy Monkey?

We believe is science as well as spirituality. Many of the greatest thinkers of all times seemed to have meshed the two together, and there is plenty of evidence on both side to suggest that people are a combination of biology and spirituality.  We believe that man evolved from simpler species over time and that we have done so because of, not despite of, being spiritual in nature.

The result is a species that is unique and unlike any other. We have evolved into creatures that have free will, craft lives based on hopes and desires, but are also tied to our biology. Evolution has left us with millennia of ingrained processes that sometime serve us, and sometimes don’t. This makes each of us a Screwy Monkey!


What is Screwy Monkey Magazine?

We are an online resource for information, entertainment, and enlightenment. We provide a platform for the celebration of human culture and information. It is a place to share what makes us as a species unique and have some fun doing it!

We are primarily an entertainment magazine geared toward the free spirited, free thinking, and uninhibited. We strive to provide content that supports an alternative view of culture and nontraditional thinking. We exist to challenge people into exploring a richer more experience filled life. We challenge everyone who encounters our magazine to try something outside their comfort zone daily.

Discover, explore, challenge, and shape human culture one screwy monkey at a time!


What’s on YouTube.ScrewyMonkey.com?

Our rich content come alive in video form on YouTube! We bring you though provoking, entertaining, sometimes challenging stories in a fun and free atmosphere! Our editor Shawn J. Shoulders and key contributors do everything from tackle current events to comedy! You never know what you might get on our YouTube channel! Check it out now!