Taylor Swift! 9 Things That Piss Me Off About You!

Taylor Swift is Americas sweetheart and as far as we can tell perfect in almost every way! What’s not to love about her. Well ScrewyMonkey.com Contributor Scotty Scott thinks that there are a lot of things! In this 2nd installment of 9 things that piss me off we tackle Taylor Swift by asking here to “Look What You Made Me Do!” Here are 9 things that piss me off about you!

Screwy Monkey would like to remind everyone that we love Taylor and that this is all in good natured fun! No hate mail please! Or if you must send hate mail at least subscribe to our channel first so you wont miss our response!

Watch The Video!

This the Second in a series of lighthearted jabs at the celebrities that we all love to no quite hate! Check out more videos from the series as they are released here on YouTube and on ScrewyMonkey.com.


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