Shocking Secret Revealed During Guess My Teenage Idol Game!

Shawn and Scotty’s Hot Topics reaches a new low in this game of guess My Teenage Idol. Our host set out on a drunken path to prove that despite the age difference between then they can hold their own in guessing each other’s teenage idols.

It’s a cut throat competition between millennials and Generation X! The bragging rights, and the pride of Shawn and Scotty, are on the line as each of them take turn after turn guessing who inspired the other when they were growing up.

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But the stakes don’t end at bragging rights as the looser of this game has to reveal something about themselves, a deep dark secret from those teen years, that they have never shared publicly before. What will Shawn J. Shoulders reveal about his teen years that is not in hos official bio? Will Scotty J. Scott shock us with a horrible mind-blowing confession. You will have to watch to find out!

If you enjoy Millennial vs Gen X videos, or game shows you are going to love this. If you are either one of these and grew up watching classic game shows, or the remakes of those game shoes by younger generations this will be pure joyful entertainment.

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