Robot Strippers, Weed Church, Angry Vegans, and a “Kardashian?” – Screwy News EP. 1

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Screwy News Network Episode 1

Your favorite editorial team bring you all the news you likely missed this month. If its weird, off the beaten path, unusual, or just funky you will find it on the Screwy News Network segments on!

In this episode we have a doctor who was abusing livers, vegans who are mad about breakfast, and some potheads who worship weed. We are not stopping there because what could complete that line up? How about revealing bridal fashions worthy of a meme, a Costco wedding, and the closest we could get to a Kardashian?

Come have fun with Co-Host Shawn J. Shoulders and Scotty Scott as we explore the wild silly news that happens every day yet somehow can be easily missed in this world filled with hustle!



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