Racism in America – Five Actions You Can Take Today To Stop The Hate

 The following is an edited transcript of our video article. 

 Intro by Shawn J. Shoulders 

 Recent events in our country have brought us to the brink of a race war. Watching what has gone on in this country recently has been very difficult for me to comprehend how it is that today in 2017 we are at this point. How can it be that you have people running down protestors in the middle of the streets in Charlottesville Virginia while groups preach hate and division across the country. There is some evidence that the alt-right and possibly neo-Nazis have invaded the white house. 

 I go through my social media profiles and I see that my friends are frightened of what might happen next. I ride public transportation occasionally and I have actually heard conversations on buses where people have talked about the uncertainty of what might happen next. They talk about white people hating black people. It’s horrible! I cannot take what’s going on. I feel that something needs to be done. It is for that reason I have decided that we are going to dedicate several episodes to exploring race in America.  

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 Content by Scotty Scott 

 These are five actions you can take today to stop the hate. Recent events in Charlottesville Virginia, and all over this country, have really invoked a lot of emotion in people. We look at the tone that is being sent by our president today and it’s starting to overflow into our homes, jobs, and schools. You can’t walk up and down the street without hearing somebody say something about what’s going on and the uncertainties happening in our communities. 

 I’m here today to tell you that we don’t have to take that route, we can be the better person, we can stand up unite and conquer.  

Start Conversations With People In Your Community Who Are Like-minded 

 The first thing you can do is to start conversations with people in your community who are like-minded, who understand that we will not allow hate and bigotry in our community. The people that wanna hate are not going to be swayed in their beliefs. Don’t waste your time on them anymore. We are gonna move on. We are gonna start a movement that gets the job done. Sometimes a new perspective can help us to identify the things that are most important to us. The things that we need the most in our community. 

 Find Local Organizations  

 The second thing you can do to help is to find local organizations who are going above and beyond to help your community. Do some research. Find an organization that is reaching out, that is understanding and actually benefiting the people who live around you. Do what you can to help them. Donate a little money or maybe donate a little bit of your time.  

 Insist Not Ask for Help 

The third thing you can do is to insist not ask for help from your local legislators governor’s and senators. These people work for us, so let’s put them to work. 

 Be Informed and Vote 

 The fourth thing you can do is to be informed and to vote in your midterm and local elections. Know what legislation is passing in your area. These are things that can affect your children, your day to day life. 

 Find the Strength To Be Resilient 

 The fifth thing we must do is to find the strength to be resilient. We have overcome so many things in this nation and together we can achieve anything. We must not allow ourselves to be discouraged. We must continue to reach out and support one another. We will not stoop down to their level. We will not allow the hate within the heart of Donald J. Trump, white nationalists, or they alt-right to affect our unity.  

 We will continue to show love and support for one another. We will create an environment for our children that they can be proud of. 

 I’ll leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson. “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  

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