Pizza Rat is Back! Or is he? We Smell a Rat!

A subway rodent (we call them Brodents!) was once again spotted with a full slice of cheese pizza at a Manhattan train station, online video of the occurrence showed.

Footage posted to shows the rat tugging the filthy slice down the middle of the subway tracks on the 6 line at the Lexington Avenue-59th Street station.

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“I JUST SAW PIZZA RAT! I repeat: I JUST SAW PIZZA RAT! Lexington Ave./59th Street on the downtown 6 track #Blessed,” Michael Courant captioned the 37-second clip posted to the social media site Sunday.

The rat is seen strategically and relentlessly dragging the slice backward.

A similar video of a rat pulling a pizza slice down a train staircase at the East Village’s First Avenue station on the L line went viral back in 2015.

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Drink from This Episode:

Trashed Monkey


  • 3/4 glass super-chilled white wine (very, very cold!)
  • 1/4 glass super-chilled club soda (again: very, very cold!)
  • Splash of Kerns Banana Pineapple Nectar


Fill a wine glass halfway with the super-chilled wine … the glass should frost … that’s when you know your wine’s cool enough.

Splash in the club soda until the glass is three-quarters full.

Add a Small Splash of Banana Pineapple Nectar

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