Pizza Ordering Sex Toy, KFC Says FCK it – Hot Topics Ep. 4

Join Shawn J. Shoulders and Scotty J. Scott in a shocking and disturbing look into the weirdness that is happening in the world right now!

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In this episode:

Women in Mexico have given up on men and decided to marry trees instead.

A mass ceremony shows brides dressed in white hug and kiss their beloved trunks as they pledge their devotion forever. There was even a bouquet to throw. Trees can’t consent to marital union – but they do need our protection. The wedding was designed to draw attention to the problem of illegal logging in San Jacinto Amilpas, Oaxaca state. The ‘marriage’ stunt campaigners hope to raise the profile of attempts to protect woodland.

KFC Says FCK it!

The chicken shortage, which KFC attributed to delivery issues, forced KFC close more than half of its 900 British restaurants this week. Angry customers called the police, and even went to Burger King.

An advertisement running in The Sun and Metro newspapers features a photo of the FCK bucket, with copy that reads:

“We’re sorry. A chicken restaurant without any chicken. It’s not ideal. Huge apologies to our customers, especially those who travelled out of their way to find we were closed. And endless thanks to our KFC team members and our franchise partners for working tirelessly to improve the situation. It’s been a hell of a week, but we’re making progress, and every day more and more fresh chicken is being delivered to our restaurants. Thank you for bearing with us.”

CamSoda announced a new sex toy called the RubGrub, a vibrator attachment that can also order food for you.

According to CamSoda, the RubGrub will be a Wi-Fi connected button like Amazon’s Dash Button that can fit on a vibrator and will automatically order a large Domino’s cheese pizza whenever it’s pressed.

Accotding to CamSoda:

“Masturbation, while ultimately enjoyable, can be a strenuous physical activity during which an individual exerts a lot of energy and burns many calories. Inevitably, once someone has climaxed, they feel lethargic and hungry,” CamSoda’s vice president, Daryn Parker, said in a press release. “Now, in order to enjoy your Saturday night, all you need is your RubGrub device. Get off and get stuffed, all with the quick click of a button.”


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Farting passenger causes plane to make emergency landing!

Two men sitting next to an apparently very flatulent man raised a stink about his repeated gas attacks, according to Fox News.

When the alleged perpetrator didn’t stop, his disgusted seatmates reportedly complained to the airline crew, who apparently did nothing.

Instead, the captain issued a warning to the two complainants, accusing them of noisy and aggressive behavior and making threats.

A fight broke out on the plane causing the  pilots to make an emergency stop in Vienna.


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