Our Editorial Staff

Shawn J. Shoulders – Editor-In-Chief

Shawn J. Shoulders is an actor, writer, comedian, and life style expert who has been interested in what makes humans tick since he was a child. He has studied psychology, religion, society, and the humanities.

He has worked on many major motion pictures and television productions and for the last several years has devoted himself to the pursuit of personal happiness. Two years ago, he decided to chase his dream once again of entertaining the masses while also making a difference in society.

He founded Screwy Monkey and its parent company to allow him to bring his message to the public and also have some fun at the same time!

Scotty Scott – Key Contributor

Scotty Scott is a student of life as well as an actual student at UNLV! His focus of on media studies and photography. His unique prospective and unusual approach to life makes him a perfect match for Screwy Monkey!

Scotty like to fight for social justice and human rights when he is not busy making great content here at Screwy Monkey!