Ikea Meatballs! Not Swedish? Ikea Has been lying to us!

Swedish Meatballs are not from Sweden after all! Ikea had been lying to us!

Ikea would have us believe that their Swedish Meatball were as authentic as a KLIPPAN

Loveseat, but as it turns out they are even less so. At least the loveseat is designed in Sweden. The Meatballs Not so much!

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Sweden is a place of sensibly priced furnishings and gravy-covered meat. But the country’s famous meatballs are in fact from Turkey.

The country recently took to Twitter and threw its very own King Charles XII under the proverbial meatball bus to once and for all correct history books and Ikea menus everywhere.

“Swedish meatballs are actually based on a recipe King Charles XII brought home from Turkey in the early 18th century.” They wrote.

Clearly the global community was upset about this revelation, but no one was more distraught than the Swede who tweeted, “My whole life has been a lie.” Apparently so-called the “Swedish meatball,” veritable jewel of the Ikea food court, is just a riff on a Turkish dish called kofte.

The Turkish media and populace at large were delighted by what they called the “confession.” Some suggested that King Charles, who ruled Sweden from 1697 to 1718 and was in exile in the Ottoman.

But whatever the truth may be, Sweden deserves some credit for owning up to it on its own terms.

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Trashed Monkey


  • 3/4 glass super-chilled white wine (very, very cold!)
  • 1/4 glass super-chilled club soda (again: very, very cold!)
  • Splash of Kerns Banana Pineapple Nectar


Fill a wine glass halfway with the super-chilled wine … the glass should frost … that’s when you know your wine’s cool enough.

Splash in the club soda until the glass is three-quarters full.

Add a Small Splash of Banana Pineapple Nectar

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