9 Shocking Secrets Of The Las Vegas Strip!


The Strip Is Not In Las Vegas

If you came to Las Vegas and never went north of Sahara you never went to Vegas! The vast majority of the Las Vegas Strip is actually in an unincorporated area of Clark County known as either Paradise or Winchester Nevada. In fact, the actual city of Las Vegas is actually well north of what not people consider to be Las Vegas.

If you want to experience the city of Las Vegas you will need to travel at least to the Stratosphere and more properly beyond to the older part of Vegas downtown on Fremont street. Only then can you say I went to Vegas!

Unlucky 4

Chinese high rollers are very important to Las Vegas casinos. Especially in the current economic environment casinos cannot afford to do anything that may make these big spending whales vacate their properties. For this reason, some hotels including the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino have eliminated the number 4 in almost all the areas of the hotel.

Go to an elevator in many Las Vegas resorts and you will notice that there is no floor 4 and also that there are no floors starting with 4 so you will jump from floor 39 to floor 50. It is also worth noting that floor 13 is often missing as well. Making sure you feel lucky is something Las Vegas is good at and this is a perfect example of what lengths they will go to achieve this.

Secret Hotel Inside MGM

Most of the time when you want to build a hotel in Las Vegas you must blow up whatever was there first. Usually in some kind of spectacular fashion including fireworks and amazing fanfare in the middle of the night. This was not the case however with the building of the MGM grand. The green glowing giant of a hotel decided they would just swallow the former Marina hotel that stood in the way of their plans.

The former Marina Hotel was once a favorite spot among celebrities in the heyday of vintage Las Vegas. It was small and intimate and understated making it the perfect low-key place to stay while you were in town. It was however quickly becoming outdated when they decided to build the MGM. However the designers of the new hotel decided it would be more cost effective just to elongate one side of their new building and incorporate the old hotel instead of imploding it.

If you have ever gone to the MGM you have more than likely walked right through the Marina hotel and never realized it. If you look closely at the front of the MGM you can clearly see the remains of the Marina still standing today.

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