9 Shocking Secrets Of The Las Vegas Strip!

BY: Shawn J. Shoulders

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Millions of people visit Las Vegas every year taking in the sights and trying their luck in the many casinos up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Most people don’t realize the shocking and sometimes very dark secrets of the Las Vegas Strip. Here are 9 things you will want to know before your next trip to Vegas!

Fake Rivets!

The actual Eiffel Tower in Paris France is 1063 feet tall and made of iron beams riveted together by more than 2,500,000 rivets. It is stunning and was a marvel of engineering at the time it was built.

In Las Vegas, and almost exact replica of this tower is built over and into the Paris Hotel and Casino. However, this replica has some major secrets! First it is 1/2 the size of the original and is built of solid steel. Being made of solid steel means that the Las Vegas version is twice as strong as the original and has no need for rivets. This posed a problem visually however so designers made workers weld on thousands and thousands to fake rivets into the Vegas tower to make it look like the original! So like strippers in Vegas some fake parts were added to erect a large tower in the middle of the strip.

Aroma Systems

What is the smell of winning? According to Mandalay Bay it is the smell of cocoanut! Have you ever strolled through a casino and noticed an almost overwhelming smell of old lady perfume, or tropical fruit and thought well that has to be on purpose? Despite denials from casino operators you were right.

For many years casinos have denied placing these smells in their hotels. They somehow expect you to believe that these aromas just manifest themselves naturally. However our research has discovered a company called Aroma Systems Inc. who list many Las Vegas casinos as clients. As it happens this company produces systems that place pleasant aromas in environments. Exposing that these scents are not naturally occurring. No surprise as no one really thinks the sea smell at Treasure Island comes from the oversized pool containing fake ships from its entrance.

Why would casinos pump fake smells into the casino? As with all things casinos do it is about getting you to part with more of your hard eared cash. It seems the sense of smell is hard wired to memories in your mind to an amazing degree. They know that if they can get you to recall that amazing tropical smell from your last vacation, or the comforting smell of old lady cleavage from your childhood, you will be more like to feel happy and worry less about the next twenty you are about to shove into the slot machine.

The Luxor Is Haunted

In 1993 Egypt was transported to the Mojave Desert with the building of the Luxor Hotel and Casino. This iconic resort featured an amazing glass pyramid and heavy Egyptian theming including its own Nile river. One other thing that came with this dose of Egyptian lure was an authentic curse.

During construction of the resort no less than three men perished and many other accidents happened. It has been said that this was due to the lack of an eye at the top is the pyramid. According to people who believe in this curse the building will continue to harbor bad luck until this is corrected.

In addition to being cursed the hotel is also haunted. Many guests have reported that they have seen ghostly figures roaming the long hallways that surround the inside of the Pyramid. It is said that these are the restless spirits of the workers that lost their lives during the construction. One guest reported be woken up by an unpleasant feeling of being watched only to wake up and see the figures of three men standing over her. Imagine how scary that would have been.

Maybe even more disturbing is that the Luxor has become a mecca for the suicidal. According to an exclusive source, and Luxor employee, the hotel regularly has people visit for the sole purpose of killing themselves. It seems the rational is that their soul can follow the Luxor beam up to heaven. According to our source this is such a frequent occurrence that the hotel always leaves a few rooms uncooked so that they can take other rooms off the market for “cleaning” after these events.

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