$1600 Uber Ride, Act It Out, and Tristan Thompson was bad! Hot Topics 202

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Join host Shawn J. Shoulders and Scotty J. Scott as they explore Hottest Topics, have the most fun conversations, and do funny goofball stunts for your enjoyment!

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Drunk man takes $1600 Uber Ride

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Bachman ordered an Uber during a night out in Morgantown, W.Va., and mistakenly thought his Uber would take him to West Virginia University, where he was staying. He blacked out in the car, and woke up to discover he was halfway through the 300-mile journey back to his home in Gloucester County.

“I just woke up,” Bachman told NJ.com, “And I’m thinking, ‘Why the f—- am I in the car next to some random ass dude I don’t even know?”

Bachman had previously launched a GoFundMe campaign to pay the fare. The money raised will instead go to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, according to the Associated

Act It Out

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The game where we act out things cuz we think it’s going to be funny, but we are not quite sure, cuz it’s the first time we are trying it!

Shawn and Scotty trade personalities while playing this fun and hilarious new game. They find themselves in different situations and assuming strange personalities and funny magic follows!

Khloé Kardashian – Tristan Thompson Cheating!

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It’s been a week since Tristan Thompson was caught cheating on then-pregnant Khloé Kardashian — and, with the exception of the birth of daughter True, it’s probably been a miserable week for Khloé. But the Kardashians, their friends, and even one of their foes have been circling the wagons, supporting Koko through this painful cheating scandal. Here’s what they’re doing, saying, and thinking about Tristan’s affair…

Let’s start with the wronged party: Khloé was always worried Tristan would cheat again, as a Kardashian source exclusively told In Touch. “He started dating Khloé soon after his ex-girlfriend got pregnant,” the confidant said. “So she can’t help but think that maybe a leopard doesn’t change its spots.”


“Khloé is pissed,” another source told Life & Style prior to the reality star’s childbirth. “Khloé’s done. She’s so f–king done. Her stomach hurts so bad and it’s not from the pregnancy — she could kill Tristan right now.”

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