15 Do’s and Don’ts for First Time Vegas Visitors!

Las Vegas is this number one domestic tourist destination in the United States. Millions and Millions of people come to enjoy the world class resorts, fine dining, amazing shows, and exciting gaming Las Vegas has to offer.

Among these million and many thousands of visitors that are in way over their head because this if their first Visit to Las Vegas and they had no idea what to expect or how to prepare.

These 15 tips will prevent you from coming one of these lost souls even if you have never been to Vegas before.

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Don’t Walk Everywhere

As we covered in our 9 Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip video casinos use all kinds of tricks to look like they are closer than they are. The Las Vegas strip is over 4 miles long and you can’t just walk straight down the street. There are many pedestrian bridges and foot traffic detours that take you in and out of the casinos as you travel down the street.

If you choose to walk just know that any walk more than a casino or two in either direction will more than likely end up being much farther than it looks and take a lot longer than you anticipated.

It is a much better option to invest in a bus ticket. $8 a day gets you unlimited access to the entire Las Vegas Valley and great view of the strip. Plus, some of the greatest people watching on Las Vegas Blvd takes place inside the busses.

Don’t Buy Drinks at Casino Bars

Drinks on the Las Vegas Strip are expensive! You can easily pay $15 to $20 a drink in some casino bars! This is an insane rip off when you consider that Las Vegas is one of the few cities in the world where you can drink as much as you want for free.

It is a better option to set at a slot machine and lightly gamble and let the cocktail waitress bring you free drinks. Not only will you spend less but you also have the chance to win some money back while you sit there.

Just don’t forget to tip the Cocktail Waitress and don’t get too carried away pressing the buttons on the machine or your free drink may not be so free anymore.

Do Have A Plan

Make sure you do your research before you arrive in Las Vegas. Make a plan of what it really important to you and what you must see while you are there. Are there one or two can’t miss attractions? Will you just die if you don’t see the inside of Caesars Palace? Make a list of these things and plan for one of two of these activities to take place each day of your trip.

It is important to keep your plan nice and loose however and not plan too many things for each day of your visit. Vegas is huge and filled with tons of distractions. It is almost guaranteed that once you set out on your plan you will get sidetracked several times on your way. It is just the nature of Las Vegas.

Just go with the flow and use your one or two must do’s as a general plan for your day. You will have fun no matter how things go.

Do Prepare for Weather

Las Vegas is located in a valley in the middle of a desert. Except for a few months of the year the weather can be unpredictable.

In the Summer months it is not unusual for there to be weeks that have temperatures that are never below 100 degrees. During Monsoon season which is roughly July through September these sweltering days can sometimes be interrupted by severe but short lived monsoonal storms that can bring thunder, lightening, hail, and high winds.

During the Winter Las Vegas can be downright cold and have massive fluctuations in temperatures in any given day. The difference between night and day temperatures can easily be 30 degrees.

Bottom line pack for whatever season you are coming to Las Vegas in but also bring some options in case the weather takes a turn. Weather in Vegas is chaotic at times but usually the bad stuff is short lived and when it does not corporate there are plenty of inside activities to keep you busy.

Do Learn Gambling Basics

If you plan to gamble on your trip and don’t want to lose a bunch of money making foolish mistakes learn how to gamble before you hit the strip.

There are many resources for you learn the basics of gambling online from free slot games, gambling tutorials on YouTube, and free online games. It is worth the time and effort to learn some basics before you have real money on the line.

The casino edge becomes a lot greater if the player has no clue what they are doing. Even if you don’t plan on taking the casino on a run for their money knowing even some basics can help your gambling budget go further and allow you to enjoy yourself more.

Don’t Listen to Other Gamblers

Gamblers are a suspicious bunch and tend to believe that they have the best knowledge on how to beat the casino. Even you uncle Benny who practically lives in the casino and gambles all the time may not be your best source for information. It is just the nature of the beast that the more time you spend n a casino the more “beliefs” you tend to pick up about casinos.

The truth is that most of the knowledge out there about how to beat the casino, or what combinations to play on machines, of how to know what slot machine is overdue for a payoff, is just bogus superstition.

Any casino in Las Vegas can provide you with the mathematical outcomes form their games in general and the information is on line for you as well.

The truth is that all casino games are based on math. Slots are random. Video Pokier is the only machine game where skill is involved. and a house edge is built into every game meaning that the casino will always make money in the long run.

Gambling if a form of entertainment and is a lot of fun when you know the truth of how it works.

Do Use Rideshare

Taxis are notorious for long hauling tourist in Las Vegas. It is very easy for your short $10 ride to become a $25 ride using taxis in Las Vegas. Many cab companies in Vegas encourage their drivers to long haul and overcharge. The taxi cab authority in Vegas does their best to stay on top of the problem but they do not have enough officers to stay on top of the situation.

Uber and Lyft are mush better options when it come to getting around town fast. They will usually pick you up within minutes of requesting them. It is impossible form them to log haul you and you will meet some interesting locals in the process. If you use the shared ride options on the apps and share your ride with other tourist getting around town you can also meet other tourist in town while saving a few dollars on your ride. Just keep in mind that sharing your uber or Lyft will also cause you to take a little longer than not sharing your ride to get to where you are going. The choice is yours, but I really enjoy using shared rides on the strip.

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Do Tip

Las Vegas is a service city. Every employee you encounter is there to provide you excellent service, however you can easily get even better service and make sure you get things taken care of with just a few dollars slipped to a casino employee. Its just how things are done in Vegas.

It’s true that some casino employees are paid well but most are not. In many cases casino employees rely heavily on your generosity when they provide you service. Even in cases were tips are not usually rendered as it would be in daily life, such as in a restaurant.

I Good rule of thumb is to tip any time you make a request of an employee, or any time they perform a task on your behalf.

Do Take Lots of Pictures

Your Vegas vacation is going to cost you a good deal of money! It is also going to be over before you know it! Time just files in Las Vegas! Inevitably you are going to try o cram in so much stuff in such a short time that later it can be difficult to remember it all.

Add alcohol, lack of sleep, and the excitement of casino gaming to the mix and you will be surprised how many details will start to become fuzzy and mixed together. It is for this reason that it is a good idea to take a lot of pictures!

Plus, when you get home you will have so many more pics to delight your friends and family with, and you will see like the Vegas superstar you are sure to be.

Do Keep an Open Mind

Vegas is a place to try new things and have new experiences. It is a place where you can be and do almost anything you ever want to do! Where else can you go to world class nightclubs, hang out with zombies, go to the top of the Eiffel tower, eat pounds of crab legs, see a topless show, and drive heavy construction equipment all in one day!

Use this opportunity explore hidden passions and extend your comfort zone. If someone suggest that you go shoot machine guns in the afternoon, don’t automatically reject it because it’s not your thing. At least consider the recommendation as it may be your only opportunity to do so.

The possibilities are limitless so let your mind be to.

Don’t Forget – It’s an Adult Playground

Las Vegas is called the adult Disneyland and it truly is! However, you would be surprised how many people come into town and treat Vegas like it is just Disneyland and forget the adult part of that statement.

Vegas is a called Sin City for a reason, it is a mecca of adult pleasures including gaming, smoking, drinking, and sex. People come here to cut loose and indulge their wild party fantasies. This make Vegas an awkward place to bring children. Unless you want your kids exposed to some very adult activities you should leave them back home.

If you should decide to bring the kids don’t expect others to alter their behavior just because you kids are there. They likely won’t.

Also, if you are offended by people in almost nonexistent clothing, people smoking, or intoxicated people acting crazy, then perhaps you may want to go to the actual Disneyland.


Do Stay on The Strip

When you are booking your room, it can be so tempting to save a few dollars and stay off the strip. Although many off strip hotels offer shuttle service to the casinos on the strip, it is usually limited. Also no matter how close the hotel says it is to the strip, Vegas in not a pedestrian friendly city off the strip. You will be taking taxies and Ubers everywhere if you stay off strip.

Your hotel savings can quickly disappear with just a few taxi rides to and from the strip.

Don’t Pay Full Price for Show Tickets

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. Every night on the strip thousands of performers take the stage in throughout Las Vegas in its various showrooms, cabarets, lounges, bars, and clubs. There is are so many options and most come with a big price tag.

You do not have to pay full price for most shows in Vegas however. A little leg work and place a lot of money in your pocket while keeping you very entertained. From the booths along Las Vegas Boulevard offering Half Price tickets, to the players clubs in the city offering discounts and free shows, to show packages you can book through your hotel, there is always a deal to be had on entertainment in Vegas!


Do Sign Up for Players Cards

Even if you are not a big gambler you should sign up for the casinos players club! Not only do you have a good chance of getting something for free when you first sign up, even the most modest gamblers can usually qualify for discounts on future stays.

Plus, in many resorts you will be entitled to discounts at restaurants and gift shops with little or a moderate play.

Also, many resorts have programs that will give you upgraded status because of nongaming activities like military service or opening a credit card. This is a great way to get VIP status without ever spending a dime in the casino

Don’t Forget to Bring Cash

Las Vegas is a city that operates mainly on cash and you are going to need to always have an ample supply on hand. Even if you are not planning on gaming you are going to find many situations where cash is going to be necessary such as tipping staff and buying quick drinks.

Also, if you do end up taking a cab or going to the smaller bars you are going to find that paying cash is faster and get you less grief from the driver or bartender

In addition, getting cash on the Las Vegas Strip is expensive. Almost all the casino ATMs are owned by one company and they charge high fee to get cash out. In most casinos the atm fee can be as high as 8 dollars per transaction and that is before you are charges any fees from your bank. This can make that cash withdrawal of 40 dollars cost you 10 to more dollars.

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Bonus Tips!

Do Hydrate

The climate in Las Vegas can be dry and can quickly cause you to become dehydrated.

Combine the dry climate with hot summer days, and the drinking of alcohol, and simple dehydration can turn into a medical emergency.

Come to Vegas in the summer and you will see ambulances loading up people on the sidewalks and in the casinos to take them to the hospital for heatstroke.

Make sure you space out your drinks and drink plenty of water. You will be glad you did as nothing can ruin a vacation quicker than a trip to the ER!


Do Get Off the Strip

So many people come to Las Vegas and spend all their time on the strip, which is fun, and offers a lot but there is go much more to Las Vegas!

If you are into nature Las Vegas is close to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, the red rock recreation area that allows for some great hiking, and lake mead which offers boating, camping, and many amazing scenic wonders.

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