10 Bizarre Candies from Around The World

Host Shawn J. Shoulders tries and reviews 10 international candies. Rating each one either a “Suck It” or “Chuck It!” Some were wonderful and some were down right horrible!

International Candy up for review include Pionir Cokoladne Bananice,  PELON PELO RICO Candy, Tamarind Original, White Rabbit Green Tea Matcha Milk Creamy Candy, Botan Rice Candy, Kras Peppermint Candy, Dulces tipicos Jabalina Hot and Salted Tamrind Flavor Candy, Venco Honing Drop Licorice, Tayas Multi Fruit Milky Hard Candy, Vero Manita Candy, and Tayas Mini Yum Candies!

This video is Part 1 of 2 look for 10 Bizarre Candies from Around The World – Part 2.

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Product Info:

Pionir Cokoladne Bananice – CHUCK IT!

Country of origin: Serbia

Price we paid: $2.51

Weight in grams: 150g

Weight in ounces: 5.3oz


Chocolate coated foam dessert with banana flavor.


These look like oversized rat droppings! As it turs out looks are the least of the problems with this candy. The overwhelming smell of artificial banana escaping from the package as it was opened were only topped by the appalling artificial banana taste that followed. For several minutes after our staff were still burping up banana flavor.

PELON PELO RICO Candy, Tamarind Original – SUCK IT!

Country of origin: Mexico

Price we paid: $0.59

Weight in grams: 28g

Weight in ounces: 1oz


Squeeze the plastic container and savor the taste of refreshing tamarind flavored gel.


Despite looking like a worm spewing phallus this spiced tamarind candy was delicious! Just the right amount of sweet and spicy to keep the flavors in check.

Buy it here!        http://amzn.to/2vOZEUe

White Rabbit Green Tea Matcha Milk Creamy Candy – SUCK IT!

Country of origin: Japan

Price we paid: $2.19

Weight in grams: 142g

Weight in ounces: 5oz


White Rabbit Milk Candy. Contains milk. Green Tea Matcha Flavor. Edible glutinous rice paper.


The delightful mild matcha flavor of these hard and chewy candies was a pleasant surprise. Even for those who don’t like matcha the flavor was pleasant and smooth. The edible inner wrapping adds a level on surprise and intrigue to the candy.

Buy it here!        http://amzn.to/2vP9IN2

Botan Rice Candy – SUCK IT!

Country of origin: Japan

Price we paid: $1.14

Weight in grams: 21g

Weight in ounces: .75oz


Botan Rice Candies come in a small cardboard box which contains 3/4 oz. (21 grams) of candy. Each box contains six individual pieces and a sticker. Prior to 1998, each box contained a small plastic toy. The candy’s name, Botan (kanji:??, hiragana: ???), means “peony” in Japanese. A peony blossom is shown on the label, next to an inu-hariko, a dog-shaped traditional toy for

Japanese children.


The unusual flavor is reminiscent of another candy that none of our staffers could place. The candy also comes wrapped in edible middle wrapping that makes it fun to eat. The consistency was soft with good mouth feel.

Buy it here!        http://amzn.to/2vTT11h

Kras Peppermint Candy –  SUCK IT!

Country of origin: Croatia

Price we paid: $1.35

Weight in grams: 100g

Weight in ounces: 3.5oz


The shiny, satin finish candy coating is infused with a unique combination of peppermint and hazelnut. This unusual flavor combination distinguishes itself from the standard piece of candy and has been a great favorite of sweet-treat.


Unexpected it the best way to describe the surprise taste of hazelnut and chocolate that fills these hard peppermint candies! The filling burst into your mouth as the hard outer shell breaks down. The taste is somewhat like the best reverse peppermint patty you have ever had.

Dulces Tipicos Jabalina Hot and Salted Tamrind Flavor Candy – CHUCK IT!

Country of origin: Mexico

Price we paid: $.059

Weight in grams: 18g

Weight in ounces: .63oz


This candy is good with fruit with the raspados or to be eat by self. Each tamarind is rap individual.


More tamarind candy from Mexico is basically the nicest thing we could say about these. The grainy, overly spicy, candy did not have great flavor on any level. The awkward placement of the candy on a somewhat oversized straw was unfortunately distracting to the experience of trying to eat it.

Buy it here!        http://amzn.to/2uUrIXa

Venco Honing Drop Licorice – CHUCK IT!

Country of origin: Netherlands

Price we paid: $3.14

Weight in grams: 168g

Weight in ounces: 5.92oz


[Honey Beehive Licorice] The classic beehive licorice and lightly sweetened with honey, these candies are one of the old fashioned staples. They are also great for soothing a sore throat!


If you like to be overwhelmed by licorice flavor that you will never be able to get out of your mind then these are for you. The very strong taste of these was only made worse by their resemblance to insect butts. To be fair if you like licorice as your favorite type of candy then this may be for you. Some staffers here ended up eating these like crazy after we reviewed them.

Buy it here!        http://amzn.to/2vU0mOt

Tayas Multi Fruit Milky Hard Candy – SUCK IT!

Country of origin: Turkey

Price we paid: $1.04

Weight in grams: 90g

Weight in ounces: 3.17oz


Milky Hard Candy with Fruit Sauce Filling.


Fruity milky goodness packed into tiny little pellets would be an accurate description of this candy. It would however be an understatement as these little gems are amazing and unusual in both the intensity and flavor.

Buy it here!        http://amzn.to/2vOD4ed

Vero Manita Candy – SUCK IT!

Country of origin: Mexico

Price we paid: $0.25

Weight in grams: 16g

Weight in ounces: .56oz


Mexican Lollipop


There really is not much to say about these little hands of pure sugar. They lack flavor except sweetness. However purely as a pure throwback to the super sweet candy of our youth we decided we liked them.

Buy it here!        http://amzn.to/2uTUcRb

Tayas Mini Yum Candies – SUCK IT!

Country of origin: Turkey

Price we paid: $1.04

Weight in grams: 170g

Weight in ounces: 6oz


A very large bag filled with delicious individually wrapped fruit chews inside! Flavors include: Cherry, Apple, Orange, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Cola.


Fruit and cola somehow make sense in this wonderful chewy candy! Similar to a tootsie roll these have a little more intense flavor. The cola flavor is generic tasting but somehow works. The fruit flavors are bold but somehow only hint at the flavor they are supposed to be.

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